Brilliant Bristol

Brilliant Bristol

Let's be absolutely clear... 'Brilliant Bristol' is just about the coolest project in the UK. In fact, probably the world?

Brilliant West Berkshire Random act of Kindness day

In a world first, we are running a project to empower the children of Bristol to deliver 'positivity', 'happiness' and 'brilliance' across their schools and communities. The aim is to transform lives and embed 'brilliance' into the school ethos.

It's global domination of the happiness kind. And it starts in Bristol! (we are thinking of getting a headquarters inside a volcano because that seems to be where all 'global domination' schemes are hatched.)

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Brilliant Bristol

'Why' is a rubbish place to start. We prefer 'why not?'

There are far too many 'mood hoovers' in this world – people who moan and grumble and who are a zillion miles away from feeling as great as they could. So lesson number one is that we certainly don't want to join them!

And here's lesson number two all wrapped up in a big and exciting thought - what if we could transform them? What if the children of Bristol could learn some simple rules of happiness and positivity that they could spread across their schools and homes? And what if 500 kids took part and each one impacted positively on, say, five people? And what if those five then impacted on five more. And what if those five impacted on five more. And what if those five impacted on five more. And what if those five impacted on five more. And what if those five impacted on five more. And what if... have you got it yet?



Brilliant Bristol

First things first. 'Brilliant Bristol' is at first going to be designed and delivered by the year fives, with the aim to bring other years onboard further into the project.

We think 'Brilliant Bristol' will equip the children to deal much better with school. We also think it will set kids up to be confident, positive, upbeat, passionate and happy…things that go well beyond the classroom.

At the start, 'Brilliant Bristol' will have some adults driving it. But once the kids are up to speed the adults will take a back seat. Have you heard the phrase 'light the blue touch paper'? That's what we aim to do. And then stand well back while you lot sparkle!

Andy CopeAndy Cope, aka 'Spy Dog author'. This best-selling author is also a happiness expert and oozes positivity. He gets people to think differently and to achieve huge unbelievably great goals.

Helen JonesHelen Jones, aka 'The Organiser'. When it comes to ideas, planning and bringing it all together Helen gets things done. A true convert of all things ‘Brilliant’, she is passionate about inspiring kids and bringing more positivity to schools.

Laurence PittLaurence Pitt, aka ‘Inspirational Head teacher’. Laurence ‘gets it’; he believes that kids need a little helping hand to bring out that inner positivity and he is determined to spread the happiness. Laurence is one cool Head teacher, ready to take on the world and bring change to Bristol!

Carl BembridgeCarl Bembridge, aka 'Mr Technical'. The secret man behind the scenes, does crazy things with computers and makes the Brilliant Bristol website look pretty!


Brilliant Bristol

Embedding Brilliance in Bristol Schools

Bold but true - we believe this is the most radical and uplifting educational experience in the world!This project will be delivered to Year 5 pupils, embedding the messages for sustainable learning:

Day 1 (Being Brilliant) - 22nd January 2015 (1/2 day)

The Art of Being Brilliant: short, sharp, inspirational, no-nonsense introduction to the inspirational world of positive psychology. No big words, just simple principles that will transform lives for the better. And, even more awesome than that, the benefits are felt way beyond the school gates.
A no-brainer!

Day 2 (Staying Brilliant) - 11th February 2015 (1/2 day)

Staying Brilliant: our hugely popular follow-up workshop covers gems such as resilience, goal setting, signature strengths, beliefs and comfort zones.. Designed for lasting brilliance. Unmissable!

Day 3 (Spreading the Brilliance) - 10th March 2015 (1/2 day)

Embedding Brilliance: We challenge the kids to take the messages further and they design and deliver their own ‘Art of Being Brilliant’ package across the school and community. Empowerment and engagement in its purest form. They ‘pass the baton’ to the next year group and the positivity continues. It’s built into the ethos of your school. Jaw dropping!

Day 4 (Random Kindness Day) - 25th June 2015 (1 day)

The aim is to set a new World Record for the most Random Acts of Kindness in one day. Reaching out into the community to offer kindness, positivity and a reason to smile! Record breakers!

Day 5 (Celebration Day) - 6th July 2015 (1/2 day)

A chance to celebrate all that has been achieved so far and an opportunity to watch the Random Kindness video. Time to celebrate success. Three cheers for Bristol!

Day 6 (Reminder Day) - 6th September 2015 (1/2 day)

Get ready for a new academic year, with a reminder of the key principles of the ‘Art of Being Brilliant’. Set your 2%er targets for the coming academic year. On your marks, get set, go!



Useful stuff that you can share.

See how the project transformed the lives of pupils and staff at Parkview Primary School

The ‘Brilliant Bristol’ messages are very simple. Here’s a taster, The Pig of Happiness, bon appetite!

And here’s what we’re trying to avoid…

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School places are limited! We may not be able to include all interested Schools within our allocated funding, but please do still get in touch to register your interest.


Days 1—3 will be delivered as half day sessions. The sessions will run in the morning and be repeated in the afternoon to maximize numbers. Day 4 will be a whole day and Days 5 & 6 half days.


Funding has been pledged by Bristol City Council to support the Brilliant Bristol project.

Cost to Schools

Schools will be asked to contribute £550 per school to support the Brilliant Bristol project.

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